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SMS Manufacturer Part Number:  1-001-135
e-Commerce Part Number:           SMS 1-001-135
Ebay Product ID:                        SMS 1-001-135
Amazon Product ID:                    SMS 1-001-135
Part Attributes for 1-001-135
Product Type:  Oxygen Sensor
Number of wires: 3
Wire Length (mm):  300
Wire length (in):  11.75"
Part weight:  3.9 oz
Shipping weight:  4.0 oz
Shipping package size: 7" x 8" (varies)
Part location on Vehicle: *Attribute is vehicle dependent.
Vehicle fitment available on dropshipparts.com or ebay.com
Compare to:
Denso 234-3002
NTK (NGK)  22013
Standard Motor SG23
AC Delco 213-1228
Delphi  ES10133, ES10133-11B1
Borg Warner  OS109
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