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Below is an explanation and pictures showing the difference between EXR Solid Crossbars and Click-In Crossbars


Exposed Racks Click-In Crossbars are nearly identical to their cousins (the Exposed Racks Solid crossbars) with the exception that the Click-In crossbars have laser cut square holes cut vertically into the bars.  These square holes receive all of the push-pin accessories, kayak mounts, and universal brackets by Exposed Racks (see accessories here).  Click-In Crossbars are available in either Textured Black or Rubic Red. 

Push-Pin accessories click-in here

Depending on your vehicle you may need a combination of different size crossbars.  For example, the Jeep Wrangler soft top uses a 51" Crossbar and a 48" Crossbar.  To find the Crossbars for your vehicle, click here

The laser cut holes in the various sizes are cut in either the Standard Hole spacing for the 51" crossbars (holes are approx. 12" apart from each other) or the Offset Hole spacing used on the 48" and 40" crossbars (center holes are approx. 12" apart, and side holes are approx. 6" apart).   
MF 51 vs 48 vs 40.jpg

8-00-9751-BK   51" xBar with Standard Holes

8-00-9752-BK   48" xBar with Offset Holes

8-00-9753-BK   40" xBar with Offset Holes

To compliment the different hole patterns, Kayak Mounts and other accessories are made with the insert push pin located in the Center of the mount for Standard holes; they are also made as Offset Mounts for the Offset side holes.  Simply put, you need an Offset Mount for the offset crossbar and the Center Mount for the Standard crossbars.  Once you have the the crossbars installed you will see that you can swap the Center and Offset in various positions to move the kayak left or right just a few inches, all the while utilizing the extremely strong mounting system and keeping the kayak or paddle board aligned parallel with the vehicle.  To see Kayak/Board Mounts click here.

The Universal Brackets are also made in a variety of different sizes and fitments to accommodate other manufacture's carriers.  Basically you can strap or bolt any bike carrier, roof top tent, other mfg. kayak mounts, roof storage bins, etc. to the EXR Universal Brackets, and from that point forward CLICK-IN the accessory in a matter of seconds to the EXR Click-In Crossbars.  This allows you to interchange carriers and accessories daily with tremendous ease.  We offer a free LIKE-FOR-LIKE swap for EXR Universal Brackets.  So if you purchase one bracket and it doesn't fit your other mfg. accessory we will swap it out for you for free for the one you need.  Our goal is to get you on the road doing awesome things, daily.  Like-for-Like means the bracket being returned should be within 30 days of purchase, not have any wear and tear other than what would be considered minor signs of initial fit check, and can be swapped for another bracket with the same, or similar price (within $1).  To make this easy, single brackets have all been priced the same; and double brackets have all been priced the same.  To see all EXR Universal Click-In Brackets, click here.  

The Click-In Crossbars with the laser cut holes create a ridiculously strong platform with the added benefit of allowing accessories and carriers to literally just click-in.  Also, because the pieces just click-in, you can gain more real estate on the crossbar by using the end square holes and carrying the items on the roof out over the edge of the crossbar (i.e. you can carry a lot more).  

The heavy duty carbon steel is the same 1.25" square tubing used for both the Multi-Function Crossbars and the Solid Crossbars.  Either Crossbar style will work with other manufacturer's accessory mounts that fit around the bar and typically bolt on. 


SOLID 51 vs 48 vs 40.jpg

8-00-9651-BK   51" xBar without Square Holes

8-00-9652-BK   48" xBar without Square Holes

8-00-9653-BK   40" xBar without Square Holes

As mentioned above, the EXR Solid Crossbars accept most other manufacturer's roof top accessories using their wrap around and bolt on system.  This is standard for kayak carriers, bike carriers, roof top tents, etc.   

Solid crossbars are a great option for someone who does not particularly want to swap roof top accessories in and out on a routine basis.  Accessories and items can be semi-permanently affixed to the roof via the crossbars.  These are, in effect, a very Solid Platform! 

Both the EXR Click-In and EXR Solid Crossbars come in a variety of fitments and options based on your vehicle, soft top or hard top, and the style you want.  To find the right crossbars for your vehicle click here
EXR Solid Crossbars (no Laser Cut Square holes) do not have the added machine and labor costs built into them, so generally speaking they hit a better price point while still offering an amazingly strong and solid platform for loading up any of your gear.  These crossbars come in the same sizes and fit to the respective vehicles the same way as the Click-In Crossbars - the effective difference being the laser cut square holes. 
All crossbars are machined, cleaned, Electroplated inside and out as a protective barrier against the elements, and professionally powder coated.  EXR Crossbars are MADE IN PENNSYLVANIA, USA.  A portion of every sale is donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.
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