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EXR is proud to offer CVT roof top tents and awnings, all compatible with EXR crossbars and solid/click-in systems.  See a list of CVT items below available for sale.

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Hardshell Tents

  • 50" to 60" Wide, Waterproof

  • Up to 56" interior height with 3" mattress

  • Works with Awnings


Softshell Tents

  • 48" to 87" Wide, Waterproof

  • Up to 44" interior height with 3" mattress

  • Works with Awnings


Awnings and Road Showers

  • 90°to 270° range, 55" to 90" extension

  • Roadside showers up to 7 gallons 

  • Mounts to EXR crossbars using B885 bracket

Click-In TENT Brackets

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Click-In Tent Brackets convert roof top tents into an easy, click in and out accessory.  Tent rails bolt to the bracket channel on top and EXR click-in system allows entire tent to be put on the vehicle in (1) minute or less. See video here

  • B18 Standard Bracket, Recommended for 1-3 Person tents

  • Fits all EXR Click-In Crossbars & CVT Tents

  • Need (2) brackets per crossbar

  • Bolts directly to tent rails, thereafter clicks into EXR Click-In crossbars

  • B23 HD Bracket,  Recommended for 3-5 Person tents

  • Fits all EXR Click-In Crossbars & CVT Tents

  • Need (2) brackets per crossbar

  • Bolts directly to tent rails, thereafter clicks into EXR Click-In crossbars

Heavy Duty Awning Brackets


Bolt on Awning Brackets attach directly EXR Crossbars and Awning.  Heavy Duty construction and sleek design allows brackets to be swapped for upside configuration to carry items lower or higher on vehicle.  Adjustable hole pattern moves awning / shower in close or further out, as needed. 

  • B885 Heavy Duty Awning Brackets

  • Recommended for 90°to 270° Awnings

  • Fits all EXR Click-In Crossbars & CVT Awnings / Showers

  • Need (2) brackets per crossbar

  • Highly Universal hole pattern

SMS Auto Parts is a family owned business that has been innovating and producing quality outdoor activities and automotive parts since 1946. Our products are proudly made in America, with a 3 year warranty. We specialize in Exposed Racks (EXR) and have invented the soft top roof racks that fit under a soft top, as well as a patented weight distribution system. We are dedicated to providing quality and reliable products that you can trust.

SMS Auto Parts, Co. makes and sells Exposed Racks (EXR) products that can carry just about anything - including the largest and heaviest roof top tents, personal watercraft, large tandem kayaks, etc. 

2019-06-19 17.34.35 - Copy.jpg

Carry up to (5) person tents on top of the vehicle
No Drilling needed. 
Click-In brackets available for ALL tent models from all manufacturers



Carry up to (4) kayaks on one vehicle

One Kayak needs (2) Kayak Mounts



Carry up to (12) bikes on one vehicle, (weight distribution permitting per vehicle), with EXR 2, 3, or 4 Crossbars.  EXR Click-In brackets mount directly to your favorite Bike Carriers for easy click in and click out on a daily basis. 



Carry 4 or more SUP's on the racks directly or with the Kayak Mounts.  One SUP needs (2) Kayak Mounts



Carry an Canoe directly on the crossbars



Carry up to 20 rods at one time, all parallel, any size reel using EXR Click-In Rod holders



Carry Surf Boards the traditional way, directly on the crossbars with foam, fins up.  Or Use Y Kayak Mounts to raise them up and carry them fins down - also fit more boards on the rooftop.



Carry Paddles alongside your SUP, Kayaks, Canoes, etc. using EXR Click-In Paddle Mounts.  Holds the paddles very secure, and vertically stacked, parallel to the roof top.  The best way to carry anything. 

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