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Please select your product below to download and view the instructions.  Note: Some products also have a video associated with them as well (see Videos).


239848759 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9657, 9755, 9x58, 9x59) JL-JLU-JT H-T
669847349 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9x06) JK Soft Top
874509681 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9x07 or 8-00-9x09)]
1125456333 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9655) JL&JLU H-T LOW
5784984333 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9x54 or 8-00-9x56) JL&JLU Soft Top
6567789008 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE (8-00-7x04) 4DR BRONCO Soft Top
6632553323 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9604 or 8-00-9704]
9933785676 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9x05 or 8-00-9x08]


205948859 EXR - INSTALL GUIDE [8-00-9833 and 8-00-9844)
All crossbars are machined, cleaned, Electroplated inside and out as a protective barrier against the elements, and professionally powder coated.  EXR Crossbars are MADE IN PENNSYLVANIA, USA.  A portion of every sale is donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.
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