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EXR Kayak Basket and Mounts (Carriers) are made Heavy Duty (HD).   They secure kayaks amazingly, ridiculously well with SMS' patented system. Use foam as needed for fiberglass boards, etc.  Made in America.

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*** NEW *** Kayak Basket - Universal, fits nearly every Vehicle and Kayak

  • Side Load Kayak and Pivot 

  • Ultra Secure tiedown method 

  • Wet or Dry Storage under kayak

For detailed information see "How to Chose" below

Carry coolers, unstuck tracks, chairs, awnings, and more  video
Center Y 3-4 bottom up - Copy.JPG

Click-In 'Y' Mounts, Heavy Duty

  • Supports up to 16 ft, 3 person kayaks

  • Carrier clicks-in, Kayak slides on easily

  • Compatible with EXR Click-in Crossbars

Center J.JPG
49824 V1_edited.jpg

Click-In 'J' Mounts, Heavy Duty

  • Supports up to 12 ft, 2 person kayaks

  • Carrier clicks-in, leaves middle of racks open

  • Compatible with EXR Click-in Crossbars

Click-In Upright Post, Heavy Duty

  • Clicks vertically into EXR Click-in Crossbars

  • Kayaks sits sideways, with bottom against post

  • Hits great price point for carrying 1-2 kayaks

How to Chose:
Kayak Basket, Center Mounts, or Offset Kayak Mount

The Kayak Basket is universal and has different options to fit nearly any vehicle with any crossbars (Extruded Aluminum, Aero style, Square, Oversize, or EXR Click-in xbars)

8-00-9845 - basket only (ideal for existing roof rack platforms with extruded aluminum channels).

8-00-9845-AR - basket + brackets + SS hardware + straps (ideal for thinner / aero style crossbars - common on most vehicles that came with crossbars from the dealer).

8-00-9845-SQ - basket + brackets + SS hardware + straps (ideal for square crossbars - such as all EXR  crossbars both Solid and Click-in).

8-00-9845-LG - basket + brackets + SS hardware + hardware + straps (ideal for large, oversize crossbars, such as some truck bed frames and crossbars).

8-00-9845-CK - basket + Click-in brackets + SS hardware + straps (our top package - AWESOME for use with EXR click-in crossbars - entire basket will literally click in and out with a simple press of the push pin - best for low garage parking, car washes, weekend warriors who don't want to drive around with the basket on all the time).

The Side Load function and additional storage UNDER the kayak (for wet gear such as life jackets, wet suits, etc.) sets the Kayak Basket apart from any other kayak rooftop solution.  


When not being used as a Kayak Carrier, the basket works very for extra storage on top the vehicle.


Up to two Kayak Baskets can be mounted side by side on top the vehicle. 


The basket allows for additional items to be mounted, such as:

  • Lifejackets under Kayak

  • Kayak seats under Kayak

  • Wetsuits under SUP / Surfboards

  • Paddle holders

  • Fishing Rod holders

  • MOLLE panel

  • Awning brackets

  • Stand up Paddle Boards (SUP)

  • Small Kayaks

  • Medium Kayaks

  • Large Fishing Kayaks

The Kayak Basket is heavy duty, electrocoated / powder coated and 100% Made in America.  It ships from Pennsylvania (where it is made).  When you see and review the product for yourself you will absolutely confirm how strong and solid it is! 

Optional Foam (included) can be used if desired.  

Both the Kayak Basket and Center/Offset Mounts use EXR's tried, tested, and true tie down method.  Adapted from US Olympic rowing team's method of tying down $50k+ rowing shells for long hauls across the country.  EXR uses the highest quality, marine grade, straps which are durable, mildew resistant, and pull nice and tight.


Y mounts and J mounts are specific to EXR Click-in crossbars and use EXR's patented Click-in system. 

The 'Y' Kayak Mounts (Carriers) and the 'J' Kayak Mounts (Carriers) come as a "Center" or an "Offset" to allow for better locations and configurations of the kayak on the rooftop depending on which crossbars fit any given vehicle.  

The Y mounts are our first kayak solution launch and have exceptional success and praise for nearly 10 years.  These just work ridiculously well! 

We recommend the following based on your EXR crossbar package:

- All 51" Click-in xBars - get (2) Center Mounts per kayak

- All 48" Click-in xBars - get (2) Offset Mounts per kayak

- All 40" Click-in xBars - get (2) Offset Mounts per kayak

- Mixed size Click-in xBars - get (1) Center + (1) Offset per kayak

Please call us if you have any questions or want to discuss options or best fitment: +1-215-310-1917

Some examples of EXR Crossbars that work with Center and Offset Mounts:

MF 51 vs 48 vs 40.jpg

8-00-9751-BK   51" xBar with Standard Holes

8-00-9752-BK   48" xBar with Offset Holes

8-00-9753-BK   40" xBar with Offset Holes

  • Center 'Y' Mount

  • Fits all EXR Click-In Crossbars

  • Need (2) per kayak

  • Comes with (1) boat strap

  • Offset 'Y' Mount

  • Fits all EXR Click-In Crossbars

  • Need (2) per kayak

  • Comes with (1) boat strap

  • Click-in Upright Post 

  • Fits all EXR Click-In Crossbars

  • Need (2) to hold 1-2 Kayaks against

  • Does not come with boat straps

  • Click-in Paddle Carrier 

  • Fits all EXR Click-In Crossbars

  • Need (2) to strap 1-2 paddles (or fishing rods)

  • Mounts have (2) additional holes predrilled for additional rubber holders (8-00-9902)

  • Additional Rubber Mounts 

  • Great for Paddles or Rods

  • Fits 8-00-9808 and 8-00-9809 (no drilling needed)

  • Need (1kit) per paddle or fishing rod

  • High Strength 12' Boat Strap 

  • All Black, Red text

  • Black Cam buckle

  • Heavy Duty Strap

  • Super high quality poly material

  • Mildew resistant, marine grade

  • Fits around large kayaks

  • High Strength 9' Boat Strap 

  • All Black, White text

  • Black Cam buckle

  • Heavy Duty Strap

  • Super high quality poly material

  • Mildew resistant, marine grade

  • Fits around Normal kayaks, SUP, Surfboards

SMS Auto Parts is a family owned business that has been innovating and producing quality outdoor activities and automotive parts since 1946. Our products are proudly made in America, with a 3 year warranty. We specialize in Exposed Racks (EXR) and have invented the soft top roof racks that fit under a soft top, as well as a patented weight distribution system. We are dedicated to providing quality and reliable products that you can trust.

SMS Auto Parts, Co. makes and sells Exposed Racks (EXR) products that can carry just about anything - including the largest and heaviest roof top tents, personal watercraft, large tandem kayaks, etc. 

2019-06-19 17.34.35 - Copy.jpg

Carry up to (5) person tents on top of the vehicle
No Drilling needed. 
Click-In brackets available for ALL tent models from all manufacturers



Carry up to (4) kayaks on one vehicle

One Kayak needs (2) Kayak Mounts



Carry up to (12) bikes on one vehicle, (weight distribution permitting per vehicle), with EXR 2, 3, or 4 Crossbars.  EXR Click-In brackets mount directly to your favorite Bike Carriers for easy click in and click out on a daily basis. 



Carry 4 or more SUP's on the racks directly or with the Kayak Mounts.  One SUP needs (2) Kayak Mounts



Carry an Canoe directly on the crossbars



Carry up to 20 rods at one time, all parallel, any size reel using EXR Click-In Rod holders



Carry Surf Boards the traditional way, directly on the crossbars with foam, fins up.  Or Use Y Kayak Mounts to raise them up and carry them fins down - also fit more boards on the rooftop.



Carry Paddles alongside your SUP, Kayaks, Canoes, etc. using EXR Click-In Paddle Mounts.  Holds the paddles very secure, and vertically stacked, parallel to the roof top.  The best way to carry anything. 

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