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2021+ Ford Bronco (4Dr) EXR SOFT TOP Click-In Roof Racks (RED)
EXR FORD BRONCO 4 Door SOFT TOP 'CLICK-IN' CROSSBARS PACKAGE [RED] for Factory Soft Top. This package includes two Click-In 48" Crossbars (WITH the Square holes) and the Mid and Rear brackets including all hardware needed to install crossbars UNDER the OEM soft top. Bars fit absolutely perfect once installed and top closes over bars when not in use. When top is opened crossbars allow user to load a variety of items on the Bronco ABOVE the speaker housing and front windshield. If customer wants to ALSO use these crossbars on top of the Bronco Hard Top with factory Rails, installer can simply do so with Hard Top brackets: (2) 8-00-9795 (B040) and (2) 8-00-9799 (Z225).  Note: Installer may want to check for updated hard top package information as there are various xbar and bracket options for the hard top.  Each Crossbar contains 4 pre-drilled and threaded holes each for the Weight Distribution Feet (sold separately) for use on the Hard Top. Crossbars are made from heavy duty carbon steel acid washed electroplated and powder-coated for maximum durability.  Carry More with EXR!

2021+ Ford Bronco (4Dr) EXR SOFT TOP Click-In Roof Racks (RED)

SKU: 8-00-7704-RD
Rubic Red
  • Clk Bronco 4Dr SftTp Pkg-RED

    No Drilling

    Installs under Bronco 4Dr OE Soft Top - Laser Cut, fits absolutely perfect

    Carries items ABOVE windshield and speaker housing

    Soft Top closes over when not in use

    Crossbars can also be installed on Bronco Hard Top w/ Factory Rails, using Brackets: (2) 8-00-9795, and (2) 8-00-9799 (check for other hard top bracket compatibility options)

    Carry More with EXR Weight Distribution!

    ~20 Minutes to install

    Adjustable wrench not included

    Brackets distribute weight down through frame - ridiculously strong! Can hold tent!

    Accepts other Mfg. Accessories

    Accepts EXR Click-In Accessories

    Multi-Function, Click-In Bar has Square holes for Click-In accessories

    Military Grade Electroplated inside and out

    Powder Coated Textured Black

    Patent Pending

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