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8-00-9912 - JL Mid Brkts & Bolts

EXR Jeep JL (2 door) Soft Top Mid Brackets Kit (includes installation bolts). This kit is used in conjunction with a 48" O'Land crossbar (8-00-9653-BK, 8-00-9753-BK, 8-00-9753-RD) to install the bar UNDER the JL (2 door) factory soft top. Bar fits perfectly under top when top closed and sits 1/2" above the center factory overhead speaker housing when top open (to carry items above it, not on it). Kit does not include 8-00-9927 bolts (the 3/8" bolt kit to mount bar to bracket) as installer should already have these bolts in another package. If customer is purchasing everything �-la-carte, then add one 8-00-9927 bolt kit for each bar.