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EXR 'OVERLANDER-5672' Black Crossbars - (4) 40" Solid bars, 1.76" above Rails
EXR Solid Crossbar Package [BLACK] without Square holes is a very strong, American made crossbar system. This package accepts most other mfg. accessories, but DOES NOT accept EXR Click-In Accessories. This package fits vehicles with raised roof rails with an inside width of 25.5" to 41.75" and rail thickness between 1.25" to 2.00". Package Includes:  [EXR Sld HD, 3/8" to 1" High, BLK xBar Pkg, (4) 40" w/ Z-Brkts & Feet, rail inside width 25.5" to 41.75"]. The component part numbers in the box are: (4) 8-00-9653-BK, (2) 8-00-9794, (2) 8-00-9795, (4) 8-00-9798, (3) 8-00-9915. Crossbars are ~40" wide and come with (5) threaded holes on the bottom that can receive the EXR Weight Distribution feet. Top of crossbars will be 1.76" above factory roof rails. The brackets that mount to the roof rails each have a threaded hole for additional, optional roof rail reinforcement; so this package has a total of (28) threaded hole location options. Package contains (9) Weight Dist. Feet (normally used in any of the threaded hole options, as best fits the v