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EXR 'WEEKENDER-8786' Black Crossbars - (2) 51" Click-In bars, 3.46" above Rails
EXR Click-In Crossbar Package [BLACK] with Square holes for EXR Click-In Accessories is a very strong, American made crossbar system.  These crossbars accept most other mfg. accessories AND EXR Click-In Accessories.  This package fits vehicles with raised roof rails with an inside width of 37.25" to 53.5" and rail thickness between 1.25" to 2.00". Package includes: [EXR Clk HD, 2" High, BLK xBar Pkg, (2) 51" w/  Z-Brkts & Feet, rail inside width 37.25" to 53.5"].  The component part numbers in the box are: (2) 8-00-9751-BK, (2) 8-00-9796, (2) 8-00-9798, (2) 8-00-9916.  Crossbars are ~51" wide and come with (4) threaded holes on the bottom that can receive the EXR Weight Distribution feet.  Top of crossbars will be 3.46" above factory roof rails.  The brackets that mount to the roof rails each have a threaded hole for additional, optional roof rail reinforcement; so this package has a total of (12) threaded hole location options.  Package contains (6) Weight Dist. Feet (normally used in any of the threaded hole options, as best fits the vehicle).  NEVER PUT WEIGHT DIST. FEET ON OR NEXT TO GLASS OR OTHERWISE BREAKABLE MATERIAL.  Feet length is based on averages, but is not guaranteed to work on every vehicle in every spot (your vehicle may have specific fit notes on  For this reason we sell additional weight distribution feet in different sizes; they are available for purchase through our authorized resellers or on our website.  8-00-9915 (pack includes 3 feet that sit 1.5" high) and 8-00-9916 (pack includes 3 feet that sit 2.5" high).  Additionally we have a short custom pack 8-00-9913 (pack includes 2 feet plus 2 rubber stops that sit <1" high).  Crossbars are made from heavy duty carbon steel, acid washed, electroplated and powder-coated. Carry More with Expsoed Racks (EXR)!  Thank you for supporting our company, employees, and our local and national economy!  Made in Pennsylvania, USA!

EXR 'WEEKENDER-8786' Black Crossbars - (2) 51" Click-In bars, 3.46" above Rails

SKU: 8-00-8786-BK
  • Clk(2)51"BK+B200+Z175+FT

    No Drilling, Patented Weight Distribution System

    NEVER use weight dist. Feet on or near glass sunroof or top

    Distributes Weight on 6 points per xbar

    See Vehicle Weight Dist. Guide on to see Level Guide for your vehicle with this package

    Accepts Click-In Tent Brackets, for tent quick release

    Carry More with EXR Weight Distribution!

    < 10 Minute to install per xbar

    Allen Key included, Adjustable wrench not included

    Stainless Steel Hardware included

    Accepts other Mfg. Accessories

    Accepts EXR Click-In Accessories

    Multi-Function xBar, has Square holes for Click-In Accessories

    Military Grade Electroplated inside and out

    Powder Coated Textured Black

    Patented & Patent Pending

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